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Kirurumu Tarangire Lodge is built on the site of the old Tamarind Camp, in land we own and looking out on a flood plain that is seasonally a rich feeding ground for elephant and much else. There are 10 permanent tented cottages built in exactly the same style as the new Kirurumu Manyara Lodge cottages and the standards are the same high standards you have always been familiar with at Manyara.


10 tented cottages consisting of 2 Double Rooms, 2 Family Rooms and 6 Twin Rooms - all include personal verandah that looks over Tarangire National Park

Tarangire Lodge has the following facilities :



Full breakfast made on site with our renowned chefs serving hot delicious meals with fresh baked bush bread.

Free Wifi


Wifi designated area. We encourage  posting after your Safari to ensure the protection of wildlife from poachers



This lodge is located on the very edge of Tarangire Park. Tarangire is your backyard - no fences, no walls...

Daily Housekeeping


Housekeeping services provided daily in all Kirurumu Under Canvas accommodations, camps & lodges



Pressure Boosters Hot Rain Showers with for the perfect rinse after a long day on safari. Fully ensuite bathrooms, hot and cold running water

Coffee & Tea In-Room Service

Request a hot cup of tea of freshly ground and brewed local coffee or tea at your doorstep with a gentle wakeup call

Meet our Elephant Family 

tripadvisor icon.png

"We stayed here two night on safari, I wasn't sure how I would find a tented safari but this place was lovely with electricty and a warm shower.

There are a lot of elephants very close to the camp and a lot of the time we got stuck in our room or stuck in the restaurant waiting for them to pass, which we didnt mind but did make us late a few times.

We were the only guests at this camp and the staff could not have been more friendly, helpful and kind.

The food was great I am a vegetarian and they changed it all for me and the pack lunches for the game drive was huge.

I would reccmoned this to anyone its great to be so close to nature."

Anonymous. Surrey, England


Tarangire Lodge is in a prime location outside the park. The following activities are all possible:

Ethno - Botanical Walks


Maasai guided ethno - botanical walks. Day Treks & Hikes available

Game Viewing

Game viewing from your private balcony, at the right time of year this location is famous for elephants in camp

Mountain Biking


Mountain biking available on request

Night Game Drive


Available upon request. Using filtered light as to not disturb wildlife

Treks & Hikes


Day treks and hikes available 

An Evening with real Maasai

Share stories, dance and song - appreciate educate - connecting of two cultures - goat dinner


Fresh  & Seasonal!

Reputable chefs in house & at all our mobile camps. All our kitchens adhere to the freshest ingredients in season! We cater to all dietary requirements & requests : Vegan Options, Gluten Free, Kids meals, Food Allergies, etc. are available upon request. As a company, Kirurumu believes in eco-friendly options and protecting mother earth. Our game drives, lodges and camps are proud to be environmentally conscious. 

Let your chef know
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"This was our 3rd place to stay and our 2nd tented lodge. We received a warm welcome at reception along with a key on a keychain and a whistle. We were to use the whistle if we felt unsafe as animals would be roaming around the properties. We were shown to our tent by the Masai. We were told that we should not walk alone in the dark and that we would always have a Masai to accompany us. We were laughing about the whole situation. 

After a fantastic dinner (best vegetarian dinner so far) we were indeed escorted by two Masai with spears - and we were glad we were. There was a large male elephant in front of our tent (about 10m/30ft). We had to go back to the restaurant until the elephant moved. After 10 minutes the elephant decided to graze elsewhere and we were then escorted to our front door. During the night you hear all kinds of familiar and unfamiliar sounds. You could hear hyenas crying, there were zebras grazing and the next morning when we woke up we had a herd of elephant in front of our tent. We counted 10, there was a baby one practicing to use it trunk. Adorable! We had to wait a while before we could leave our tent. During breakfast, the elephants walked by in formation. Very cool!

From the camp we went to Tarangire Park. It was about a 45 minute drive through Masai country. 

The next day we did the guided walking tour and were accompanied by 2 Masai. One with spear the other one with a sword. One of the 2 spoke English very well and explained the medicinal use for many of the plants. 

We were very lucky to see so many elephants at the camp. We understood that the elephants roam around in the dry season as there is a watering hole close by. During the rainy season they move elsewhere."

- Een Jin. Aalsmeer, The Netherlands




Tarangire Lodge borders the park boundary and is ideally situated being only 10 minutes off the main tarmac road and only 15 minutes drive from the main Tarangire park gate.

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"We stayed here whilst on Honeymoon. This is a true gem.

Set way off the main road near the border of the Tarangire National Park you really feel absorbed in the culture and life in Tanzania.

Our tent was lovely and clean and was clear of bugs each night. The food was delicious and the fire was lit each night before dinner. The staff are friendly and lovely. All very interested in you travels and happy to teach you Swahili.

Thank you for making our Honeymoon so special!"

- Michelle W. Tonbridge, England

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